Quick link to Survey Results

If the Admiral's Head is to be saved, it is critical to know what the local Customers want from their Pub.

From Nov 2013 to Mar 2014 a residents group has been running an on-line Customer Survey (View here) the results of which have been stable for some while. 130 people toook the trouble to complete the survey which is a very significant number for the size of the community.

In summary, the residents of the Parish want their local pub to re-open. They want a "Licensed Cafe" during the day and a "Traditional Rustic Style Village Pub" in the evening offering quality food and drink with a moderte amount of entertainment. Overall they wanted a warm, relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There was support for a "Village Hub" with the facility open to a wide range of business and social interests.

To view the survey results click here. You will see a page with a number of "tabs" along the bottom. Each tab represents a topic found in the survey. A word about "Wordles" - word clouds. Some of the survey questions asked for comments and the significant key words in answers have been displayed in pictorial form (Wordles) - the bigger the word the more mentions it gets.

If you wish to download a printable copy of the survey results, click here.