In July 2012 Rosario and Jazmine d'Angelo reluctantly decided to close the Admiral's Head after running it for over 8 years.

In 2013 Little Bealings Parish Council registered the pub as a "Community Asset" which gives the Community time to develop a bid to buy the asset - should it come up for sale. Shortly afterwards the owners approached the Parish Council inviting an offer for the pub freehold, fixtures & fittings.In June 2013 a meeting of those interested was convened where a decision was taken to form a Community group to explore the viability of purchasing the pub as a Community Resource.An idicative exploratory offer was proposed to the owners by the group, but did not meet their financial objectives.Since then the Community group has been gathering information in preparation for the time when a bid is required in response to a formal offer for sale.

This website was formed to provide the Community with information and to support fundraising for a formal proposal to "Save The Admiral's Head".